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Volume XIV, Number 3: September, 2012
Haiku Pages:  Editors' Choices,  1,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6,  7,  8,  9,  10,  11,  12

Adams, Natasha:  Page 1
Perth, Australia
Agyei-Baah, Adjei:  Page 3
Kumasi, Ghana
aksnes, og:  Page 9
Tonsberg, Norway
Asopa, Sanjukta:  Page 10
Karnataka, India
Baranski, Johnny:  Page 6
Vancouver, Washington
Barlow, John:  Page 3
Ormskirk, England
Beary, Roberta:  Page 6
Bethesda, Maryland
Behrendt, Barb:  Page 6
Cambridge, Minnesota
Bernstein, Michele Root:  Page 7
East Lansing, Michigan
Bood, Marshal:  Page 5
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Boyer, David:  Page 8
Stamford, Connecticut
Brefeld, Claudia.:  Page 1
Bochum, Germany
Bridges, Alan S.:  Page 11
Littleton, Massachusetts
Buckland, Nathalie:  Page 12
Nimbin, New South Wales, Australia
Burgevin, Ann Elise:  Page 10
Pennsylvania Furnace, Pennsylvania
Cecon, Andrea:  Page 10,
Udine, Italy
Chang, Yu:  Page 6
Schenectady, New York
Clement, Joyce:  Editors Choice
Bristol, Connecticut
Colon, Carlos:  Page 10
Shreveport, Louisiana
Daly, Dan:  Page 7
Ballwin, Missouri
Davey, Robert:  Page 12
Norfolk, United Kingdom
Dingman, Rob:  Page 4
Herkimer, New York
Donleycott, Connie:  Page 10
Bremerton, Washington
Dugas, Andrew O.:  Page 2
San Francisco, California
Dunlap, Curtis:  Page 3
Mayodan, North Carolina
Epstein, Robert:  Page 3
El Cerrito, California
Everett, Claire:  Page 4
North Yorkshire, England
Fay, Ignatius:  Page 9
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Fogel, Al:  Page 5
Miami Beach, Florida
Frampton, Alice:  Page 1
Seabeck, Washington
Friedenberg, Jay:  Page 6Page 12
Riverdale, New York
George, Beverley:  Page 4
Pearl Beach, New South Wales, Australia
Gershator, David:  Page 7
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Godsey, Kate S.:  Page 12
Pacifica, California
Gorman, Leroy:  Page 2
Napanee, Ontario, Canada
Gurnack, Gwenn:  Page 9
Boston, Massachusetts
Hall, Carolyn:  Page 3Page 10
San Francisco, California
Hanson, Simon:  Page 3
Allendale, South Australia, Australia
Harvey, Michele L:  Page 3
Hamilton, New York
Heiberg, Keith:  Page 1
Brighton, Massachusetts
Herold, Christopher:  Page 1Page 9
Port Townsend, Washington
Herrin, Poppy:  Page 12
Laurelm, Mississippi
Hoagland, Jeff:  Page 7Page 8
Wilmette, Illinois
Holman, Cara:  Page 3
Portland, Oregon
Howard, Elizabeth:  Page 10
Crossville, Tennessee
Jacobs, David:  Page 8
London, England
Karkow, Kirsty:  Page 6
Waldoboro, Maine
Kelkar, Suhit:  Page 11
Maharashtra, India
kjhmunro:  Page 4
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada
Klontz, Joann:  Page 3
Swedesboro, New Jersey
Koretsky, Tracy:  Page 9
Bellevue, Washington
Krotzman, Jim:  Page 11
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
Kush, Stephen:  Page 5
Oakland, California
Lippy, Burnell:  Page 1
Danville, Vermont
Luckring, Eve:  Page 1
Los Angeles, California
Lucky, Bob:  Page 8
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
m, paul:  Page 10Page 12
Bristol, Rhode Island
Maretič, Tomislav:  Page 9
Zagreb, Croatia
Mayhew, Lauren:  Page 5Page 8
Somerville, Massachusetts
McClintock, Michael:  Page 5
Clovis, California
McManus, John:  Page 2Page 6
Carlisle, Cumbria, England
Millcock, Allison:  Page 4
Christmas Island, Indian Ocean Territory, Australia
Monaco, Marianna:  Page 9
Eugene, Oregon
Moore, Lenard, D.:  Page 5
Raleigh, North Carolina
Moss, Ron:  Page 2
Leslie Vale, Tasmania, Australia
Murata, Susan:  Page 2Page 9
Marlborough, New Hampshire
Myers, Susan Nelson:  Page 5
Mayodan, North Carolina
Newton, Peter:  Page 5
Winchendon, Massachusetts
Nongkynrih, Kynpham Sing:  Page 8
Shillong, Meghalaya, India
Oblak, Polona:  Page 1
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Odeh, Rita:  Page 5Page 8
Nazareth, Israel
Ortiz, Victor:  Page 7
San Pedro, California
Packer, Roland:  Page 7Page 12
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Partridge, Brent:  Page 3
Orinda, California
Patchel, Christopher:  Page 2
Chicago, Illinois
Pauly, Bill:  Page 7
Dubuque, Iowa
Pham, Vuong:  Page 9
Brisbane,Queensland, Australia
Philippou, Dru:  Page 2
Taos, New Mexico
Piko, Greg:  Page 2
Canberra, Australia
Powell, Perry L.:  Page 2
College Park, Georgia
Powell, Thomas:  Editors Choice
N. Ireland
Prime, Patricia:  Page 4
Auckland, New Zealand
Quang, Nu:  Page 8
Seattle, Washington
Ramesh, K.:  Page 8
Chennai, India
Ramesh, Kala:  Page 12
Pune, India
Robinson, Chad Lee:  Page 5
Pierre, South Dakota
Ross, Bruce:  Page 11
Hampden, Maine
Savage, Grant D.:  Page 7
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Schwader, Ann K.:  Page 11
Westminster, Colorado
Simpson, Sandra:  Page 11
Tauranga, New Zealand
Smith, Mark:  Page 5
Keyser, West Virginia
Soules, John:  Page 1
Wingham, Ontario, Canada
Spano, Mathew:  Page 3
Hillsboro, New Jersey
Surridge, AndrĂ©:  Page 5
Hamilton, New Zealand
Sutcliffe, Rachel:  Page 12
West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Swede, George:  Page 8
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Tann, Hilary:  Page 6Page 11
Schuylerville, New York
Taylor, Barbara:  Page 11
Mountain Top, New South Wales, Australia
Teki, Hansha:  Page 4
Wellington, New Zealand
Terrill, Scott:  Page 7
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Tomkins, Pat:  Page 11
San Mateo, California
Walker, Marilyn Appl:  Page 4Page 10
Madison, Georgia
Ward, Linda Jeanette:  Page 10
Coinjock, North Carolina
Whitmore, Cora:  Page 4
Bangor, Maine
Witmer, Robert:  Page 10Editors Choice
Tokyo, Japan
Yarrow, Ruth:  Page 12
Seattle, Washington
Young, Quendryth:  Page 2
Alston, New South Wales, Australia
Zackowitz, Cindy:  Page 7Page 9
Anchorage, Alaska


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