The Heron's Nest

Volume XVI, Number 3: September 2014

Haiku — page 6

dry spell—
stars sink deeper
into the well

Carl Seguiban
Burnaby, British Columbia

trailer park
never enough shade
for the chained dogs

Burnell Lippy
Danville, Vermont

weeding all day watched by sunflowers

John Soules
Wingham, Ontario

a gecko
licks its eye

Lauren McBride
Houston, Texas

distant thunder
names of our ancestors
sink back into stone

Robert Witmer
Tokyo, Japan

ghost town—
I walk through
all the open doors

Jerry Foshee
Rio Rancho, New Mexico

painted cliffs
echo the old ways—
coiled snake

Ken Olson
Yakima, Washington

shots of tequila
bat voices
mapping the night

Mary Weiler
Baja California, Mexico

light rain
the smell of air
when the lightning strikes

Duro Jaiye

gods throw out
their old furniture

Lydia Lecheva
Sofia, Bulgaria

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