The Heron's Nest

Volume XVI, Number 3: September 2014

Haiku — page 3

snow dust
covers the garden
whispered prayers

Dennise Aiello
Benton, Louisiana

the wick's sizzle
before the flame steadies—
first birthday alone

Sandra Simpson
Tauranga, New Zealand

clink of condiments
in the refrigerator door—
sleeting rain

San Jose, California

first Bach
after his death
the silences

Judson Evans
Holbrook, Massachusetts

I think of the ants
beneath the snow

Mohsen Farsani
Tehran, Iran

smiling plastic bag
to become a cloud

Tyrone McDonald
Brooklyn, New York

April snow
wish I knew more
about grandpa

Yu Chang
Schenectady, New York

morning light
part of a robin's egg
catches the wind

Connie Donleycott
Bremerton, Washington

fern spores
his choice to return
to where he was born

Jennifer Sutherland
Glen Waverley, Australia

a house fly
until I open
the window

Jeff Hoagland
Hopewell, New Jersey

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